Reconnecting will brighten up your space and your day.

studioRE, reuses and recycles discarded products, items and waste giving them new meaning. Through the process of repurposing waste studioRE looks to mitigate consumer waste, whilst, pushing positive products with added value for consumers. Biophilic Design being studioRE’s main design focus allows them to draw inspiration from the natural world through; structure, form, colour, and patterns. Biophilic design has been significantly documented to improve happiness, creativity, productivity whilst mitigating stress.

This project came about whilst I was studying at UAL Chelsea throughout my third year. The space seen below is a dedicated space for third use only with the purpose of providing a space to help with final year studies. The space was non-engaging, demotivating and a stressful place to work. Not a place for third year students where stress is so profound due to the pressure. The REvamped and REpurposed room put the design students at the heart of the design. Enabling them to perform at higher rates of productivity, creativity and overall happiness and well-being.

Through the rise of urbanisation, the human-nature relationship disconnection has become increasingly apparent. Humans have a biological innate connection with nature and that connection has been dissipated over several centuries due to the industrial revolutions, causing profound ramifications. Biophilic design is the bridge to REdeveloping that vital relationship for human health and existence. Incorporating nature, natural elements and natural systems into the built environment whether its a workspace or a living space, brings forth a new healthy, dynamic and human-centric design approach.


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